290 South Street - Pittsfield, MA. 01201 - Phone: 413-445-4056 - Email: info@berkshireplace.com


berkshire-place-sketch Berkshire Place provides nursing care programs and services designed to enhance independence, quality of life, dignity and well-being. Our new state of the art facility offers a friendly and relaxing environment, in which comfort and security are paramount. A respect for privacy and encouragement of individual choices regarding goals, lifestyle and care reinforce the personal values of each resident consistent with over a century-long tradition of caring for the community.

Nursing care residents are encouraged to maintain relationships, interests, and activities established prior to coming to Berkshire Place. This contributes to a stimulating and congenial environment for all who make Berkshire Place home for long-term residency or short-term stays.

The founding family requested that "the most approved methods in vogue" be applied to the nursing care of residents, and the board of directors have faithfully honored their wishes as evidenced by the construction of the new building to maintain and improve on the delivery of care and services into the next century.

We understand that our residents are the reason we exist and this attitude comes through in every decision made at Berkshire Place. We know that staff interaction with the residents is what makes us a special place and sets us apart from others. We are never complacent about quality, and we continually strive to reach higher standards, with resident and family satisfaction always our top priorities.